Money Out of Politics(MOP) is a group of concerned citizens dedicated to bringing clarity to the democratic process and returning power to everyday citizens.  MOP is committed to creating awareness on all political levels of the perverse influence of big money in electoral campaigns.

Our mission is to eliminate unlimited, unidentified and uncontrolled campaign contributions from corporations, unions, 527s, 501(c)(1)s, PACs/SuperPACs and other special interests.  We educate and empower citizens to demand appropriate policies that mitigate the effects of such contributions in the democratic process.

MOP believes that corporations are not persons, money does not equal speech, and that individual citizens must be represented with equality and justice.  We further believe that getting money out of politics is a nonpartisan issue.

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We are a group of citizens in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, whose goal it is to free our elections from the influence of unlimited, undisclosed, and unregulated moeny.  As long as it is legal to buy our representatives, there is no democracy.  As long as outside groups can pour huge sums of hidden money into electioneering, there is no democracy.  We work locally, and ally ourselves with national efforts to clean up our elections.

Our efforts at MoneyOutofPolitics are to take action on local/state/national levels across a variety of initiatives to reclaim elections for people:  one hand with a central mission and many contributing initiatives.

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